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Top Questions to Ask Your Bail Bondsman and How to Become One in Colorado

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Colorado Bail Bondsman

Top Questions to Ask Before Becoming a Colorado Bail Bondsman

If you’re interested in a career in Denver Bail Bonds, the first thing you need to realize is this career isn’t like the movies. Your job likely will not involve tracking a defendant cross country to make sure he or she returns for trial. Instead, you may spend more time at Denver County Jail picking someone up and acting as a limousine service more than anything else. There will be some excitement just as there is with any job at one time or another, but forget about car chases, bar fights, or middle of the night air travel to deliver someone safely to federal custody.

Collecting on bail bonds in Denver Colorado can be downright boring sometimes, so here are several questions you should ask a professional bail bondsman in Denver before jumping into this career.

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Bail Bondsman in Colorado and a Bad Economy

hiring a bondsman in a down economyIf you listen to the pundits or “talking heads” on cable television or radio call-in shows, a failing economy results in an increase in crimes. This means that when crime goes up, someone who profits from Denver Bail Bonds reaps even more benefit. But that’s not necessarily true in either case.

Each state sees peaks and valleys for different kinds of criminal activity, and people who earn a living off bail bonds in Denver Colorado are affected, too. Bail bondsmen are insurance producers, selling a product like any other, so if a person is cutting back on spending in certain areas so they can afford the basics, they probably can’t afford bail bonds either.

But Crime Rates are Rising, Right?

Americans are strange. Perhaps because of television, radio, the Internet, cell phones and other media sources, we naturally assume by default that crimes rates keep rising. We see and hear of mass murders taking place on military basis and movie theatres and assume things keep getting worse. But that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, according to the latest data from the United States Census Bureau, there were 46.7 million violent crimes committed nationwide in 2008, but only 43.9 million in 2009, which may not be statistically significant.

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Top Five Questions to Ask a Bail Bonds Company

Top 5 Questions to Ask a Bail Bond Company

When a person hires a company or individual, they do so based on factors like trust, knowledge, experience, and reliability. Comfort level is a huge part of the equation, too. How often, for instance, have you gone shopping for furniture, made it just inside the store, then get deluged by a bee line of hungry sales associates looking for their next commission? If you’ve judged the situation correctly, you leave within minutes and go elsewhere. The same holds true if you’re ever in the need for a Denver Bail Bonds company. You want someone you can trust, but how do you know who’s experienced and trustworthy enough to lead you through the bail process at the Denver County jail?

Questions to Ask your Bondsman

You ask questions, lots of them. Here are five that we recommend clients ask of any bail bondsman in Denver they’re thinking of hiring.

  • Are you listed with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) office, and where can I see that information? Not all Arapahoe County Bail Bonds companies are listed with their local BBB office, and it makes you wonder why. The BBB is the sort of organization a company should want to belong to because membership engenders public trust and demonstrates that a company is willing to listen to complaints and get them resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner. It’s a sign of trust. This is where you do a bit of research. Check online with the BBB if possible and see if there have been complaints about the bail bondsman you’re interested in, how they were resolved, and how quickly. Also check on their rating. If a bail bondsman says he’s got a AAA rating with the BBB, but you find out it’s really a B, then you have reason to look elsewhere.

  • What do you charge for a bail bond and why? In Colorado, the typical charge for a bail bond is up to 15 percent the value of bail. If your bail is set at $10,000, the bondsman would charge you $1,500. And don’t fall victim to a bondsman who offers to work with you for a considerably lesser fee or on a payment basis. Remember that you get what you pay for and, unfortunately, fraud exists within bail bonds in Denver Colorado just like with any industry anywhere else.

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What to Expect When You're Arrested

For the homeless charged with petty theft to gate crashers at a Denver Nuggets game to a Hollywood starlet who’s drunk and disorderly, getting arrested and having to come up with Denver Bail Bonds is never a pleasant experience. Let’s face it, people get arrested for a reason, and spending a few restless nights in the Denver city jail isn’t something you’ll look back on with fond memories.


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Understanding Bail Bonds Lingo

bail bond terminology

Whether you are a defendant, the loved one of a defendant, aspiring to go into law enforcement or work as a lawyer, or are even just a casual observer of Denver bail bonds, then you should familiarize yourself with terms that apply to bail bonds in Denver Colorado and elsewhere.

Bail Bonds Lingo

  • If you are in need of a bail bondsman in Denver Colorado, then that could mean you have been placed under Arrest and have been incarcerated in the Denver County Jail. Arrest is simply the action taken by a police officer or other person acting under law to take a person into custody so that person may be forthcoming to answer for allegedly committing a crime.

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Steps for Hiring a Bail Bondsman

Behind Bars - Hire a Bail Bondsman

Jail’s a scary place. The mere thought of being incarcerated – in a small cell with steel bars for the door and a viewable toilet in one corner for others to observe while in use -- can make even the strongest person physically ill or result in extreme emotional duress. If the thought of Denver Bail Bonds has crossed your mind and you’re in need of hiring a bail bondsman in Denver Colorado for yourself, a loved one, or friend, then you must understand the steps to follow before making such a move.

Adams County Bail Bonds are basically the same as anywhere else in Colorado, but how do you actually hire a bail bondsman? Follow these simple steps.

Steps to Hiring an Adams County Bondsman

  1. If you need landscaping work done, you’ll likely ask friends or neighbors for references. The same holds true for hiring a bondsman when you’re stuck in Denver City Jail, for instance. Never hire the first person you come across. You want someone professional, ethical, responsive, and affordable. So ask around, even if it’s only a question put to someone at the jail – even someone else incarcerated.

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