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Bail Bond Varieties

Navigating through the US Legal System can be confusing and stressful, especially if you're in the middle of a pending case. Legal difficulties come in a range of severity with a corresponding range of financial complications. It's in these trying times that a Bail Bondsman can be a lifesaver, helping to keep you or your loved ones away from imprisonment.

Bail is the term used for money (or other collateral like property) asked by the court system to allow a defendant to avoid jail time while awaiting trial. The money is returned to the individual so long as they show up for court, but judges typically ask for bail to be set at staggering amounts. $50,000 is not an unusual number for smaller cases.

Federal Bail Bond

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Is a Bondsman the Same as a Bounty Hunter?

We sometimes hear people with little experience in the criminal justice system describe their Adams County bail bonds agent as their “bounty hunter”. It’s understandable to a degree since the two terms sound vaguely alike and the two professions do tend to overlap. But the fact is a bounty hunter and an Adams County bonding agent are not the same. They provide distinct services, have different licenses, employ different methodologies and are involved in different aspects of a case. Below we’ll get into the difference between the two in an effort to clear up any misconceptions.

Bounty Hunter

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What Happens if a Loved One Jumps Bail?

Bail is a type of insurance policy used to guarantee that a person arrested and charged with a crime does not flee if they are released while awaiting trial. Unfortunately, in an increasingly large percentage of cases, fleeing is exactly what happens. But jumping bail is not the victimless crime many fugitives like to convince themselves it is. And signing a contract with a Thornton bondsman to bail someone out of jail should never be done without thinking through all the potential ramifications. Below are some tips on how to avoid getting into a situation where a friend or loved one jumps bail as well as what to do should that unfortunate situation come to pass.

Not showing up to court

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Bail vs. Bond

The cornerstone of the American justice system is that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence means that in all but the most extreme cases a person has a right to seek release from custody in Adams County while they await their day in court. The process by which that temporary release is obtained is called either “posting bond” or “making bail”. But what is the difference? Is there a difference? Below we’ll examine those questions.

Bail verse Bond

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What to Expect from an Adams County Bail Bonds Agent

While every American adult is familiar with the concept of bail the actual details of the process are still something of a mystery. Few people for instance understand the difference between “bail” and “bond” and even fewer understand the important role the bail bondsman plays in enabling people to obtain a speedy release from custody. It’s no exaggeration to state that without the bail bondsman the entire system of American justice would grind to a halt. So just what is the process and what should you expect if you ever find yourself in need of an Adams County bail bonds agent? Below we’ll take a look.

What to Expect from an Adams County Bail Bonds Agent

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Everything You Need to Know About Collateral and Bail Bonds

Different Types of Collateral Accepted for Bail Bonds

When most people think about posting bail for someone they worry they won’t have enough money to either cover the bail themselves or satisfy the requirements of the Adams County bail bond agent. But bailing someone out of jail does not always require you putting up large amounts of cash. There are a number of different things either the state or the Adams County bondsman will accept as collateral in lieu of or in addition to cash. Below we’ll look at the different types of collateral accepted for bail bonds.

Types of Collateral Accepted for Bail Bonds

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