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Adams, Broomfield, and Weld County Bail Bonds

Whether you live in Adams County, Broomfield County, or Weld County Rapid Release Bail Bonds is your locally trusted resource to respond quickly and professionally when a bail needs to be posted. We have been licensed and serving Colorado for 10 years and have gained the expertise and reputation as one of the best bail bondsman in the Denver metro area. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to offer you honest and reliable service. Call us any time to help you, a friend, or a loved one get out of jail fast.

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Monopoly Board Jail Space and Get Out of Jail Free Card

The brave new bail-free world was on full display recently in New York City. And if this is a sign of things to come we’re all in trouble. Actually, it’s not a sign of things to come. It’s a sign of things that are already here thanks to the efforts of the anti-bail bonds (and now-defunct) Arnold Foundation and their myriad enablers in Albany and elsewhere.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Speaking to Press

New York State is poised to take a leap into the chaotic on January 1, 2020 when so-called ‘bail reform’ finally hits the books. On that day nearly 4,000 people across the state will received get out of jail free cards from the state in one of the largest mass releases ever. Andrew Cuomo and his fellow anti-bail bonds zealots, safely ensconced in their Albany offices, are hailing this as a new day for freedom. While judges, prosecutors, police and private citizens statewide are denouncing it as a dangerous, short-sighted political ploy intended to help Cuomo shore up his less than stellar reputation among leftists in the Democratic Party. Galen A. Tryon of Warrensburg is firmly in Cuomo’s corner. Who is Galen A. Tryon? Read on to find out.

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Illustration of Leaving Jail

Bail reform is creating a generation of fugitives as no-shows in court increase by 40 and in some cases 50% in parts of the country. In Atlanta, court no-shows have exploded by more than 70% since the city introduced bail reform in 2018. But the price Americans are paying for eliminating bail goes well beyond the fact that victims are being denied the ability to obtain justice. Eliminating the bail bonds system erodes our very quality of life by making our streets more dangerous, less welcoming places.

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Last year outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law known as SB10. Virtually every civil society group in the state - including the normally anti-bail ACLU - objected to the bill, which would eliminate cash bail. Brown, desperate to leave some sort of meaningful legacy behind after years of overseeing the state’s gradual decline, signed the bill anyway. It was slated to go into effect on October 1, 2019. But a funny thing happened on the way to implementation: voters decided they wanted some sort of say in the matter. Read More

Bail Reform Stamp

Over the past decade there has been a lot of controversy over the issue of bail. With so-called “reformers” - led by a private non-profit called the Arnold Foundation - claiming that the bail bonding system that has been in place for a thousand years is hopelessly racist and corrupt. And proponents of bail pointing out that, although imperfect, it has proven itself the most important cog in the justice system when it comes to ensuring accountability. For a time anti-bail zealots seemed to have the upper hand. But recently the tide has turned. Read More

Noble County Courthouse in Oklahoma

As more and more horror stories emerge from states that attempted to get rid of the bail bonds system more and more legislatures are seeing through the hard sell of the anti-bail lobby. Oklahoma recently became one of the latest states to reject the false arguments of the anti-bail zealots and vote to keep their existing system in place in the interest of public safety and justice.

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Money Changing Hands

You hear a lot from so-called “bail reformers” these days about how allowing virtually everyone walk free after being arrested is somehow going to create a safer world for you and me. It beggars belief that they actually find a few people who will drink that Kool-aid. But what’s happening from coast to coast in states where bail bonding has been abandoned in favor of catch-and-release should be enough to put the “safer world” fantasy to bed once and for all. New Hampshire is the latest example of a state whose lawmakers adopted catch-and-release in an attempt to seem “progressive” and is now paying the price. What are we talking about? Read on and find out.

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Billionaire John Arnold

Most people don’t realize it but the driving force behind the so-called “bail reform” movement of the past few years has been a non-profit called “the Arnold Foundation”. The Arnold Foundation began life almost a decade ago in search of a cause to champion and saw the bail bonds industry as an easy mark. They hired programmers no one has ever met to devise software no one understood that was supposed to take the risk out of releasing accused criminals, thereby rendering bondsmen obsolete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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    We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We understand that you may need us to get your friends and family bonded out at all times of the day or night and we are ready and willing to meet this call.
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    We can meet you at any jail or police station where someone is awaiting bond in the greater Denver metro area and all over Colorado. From Pueblo to Ft. Collins and Grand Junction to Brush we cover the entire state.
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    Every bond and situation is different based on the dollar amount that the bail is set at and what your collateral is. We typically charge 10% on smaller bonds which is the lowest honest rate you'll find anywhere. Please call us to discuss your specific situation.
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    Typically we don't need anything besides a few signatures authorizing us to act on your behalf to bail the person you designate out of jail. Depending on the bond amount we may require some small form of collateral. Every situation is different so please give us a call to discuss further.
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    We move fast. The moment we get off the phone with you we'll gather the necessary paperwork and be in route to the location the person needing bond is being held. We'll meet you there, get everything signed and handled, and promptly process the bond with the jail.
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