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Bail vs. Bond

The cornerstone of the American justice system is that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The presumption of innocence means that in all but the most extreme cases a person has a right to seek release from custody in Adams County while they await their day in court. The process by which that temporary release is obtained is called either “posting bond” or “making bail”. But what is the difference? Is there a difference? Below we’ll examine those questions.

Bail verse Bond

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What to Expect from an Adams County Bail Bonds Agent

While every American adult is familiar with the concept of bail the actual details of the process are still something of a mystery. Few people for instance understand the difference between “bail” and “bond” and even fewer understand the important role the bail bondsman plays in enabling people to obtain a speedy release from custody. It’s no exaggeration to state that without the bail bondsman the entire system of American justice would grind to a halt. So just what is the process and what should you expect if you ever find yourself in need of an Adams County bail bonds agent? Below we’ll take a look.

What to Expect from an Adams County Bail Bonds Agent

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Everything You Need to Know About Collateral and Bail Bonds

Different Types of Collateral Accepted for Bail Bonds

When most people think about posting bail for someone they worry they won’t have enough money to either cover the bail themselves or satisfy the requirements of the Adams County bail bond agent. But bailing someone out of jail does not always require you putting up large amounts of cash. There are a number of different things either the state or the Adams County bondsman will accept as collateral in lieu of or in addition to cash. Below we’ll look at the different types of collateral accepted for bail bonds.

Types of Collateral Accepted for Bail Bonds

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Five Good Reasons to Use a Bail Bonds Agency in Thornton and What Services a Bail Bondsman Provides

The amount of bail that’s required in many cases is simply beyond the ability of most defendants and/or their loved ones to come up with of their own accord. And even though some lawmakers have been making noise of late about reforming the cash bond system any meaningful change is likely many years off. For now the best option facing people in need of assistance is the Thornton bail bonds agency. The Thornton bondsman can ensure the accused is able to get out of jail fast. As such they can continue on with their life with minimal disruption until they are due back in court to face the charges against them. Not everyone is familiar with the many benefits of using a bail bonds agent however, so below we have brought together five of those benefits for your consideration.

Thornton Bail Bonds

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Questions To Ask Attorneys When You Need Them

Bail Bondsman and Attorney are Your Friends

At some point, everyone needs a lawyer at one time or another. Sometimes, you’ve benefited from their services and didn’t even realize it. Remember when you closed on your mortgage? Well at some point an attorney on staff at the bank or title company reviewed the closing paperwork. And, unfortunately, if a loved one has passed away you may have benefited from an attorney who helped that person draw up a will, or papers to transfer assets to your name. Denver Bail Bonds work the same way for people who utilize them. If you get arrested, you may have to post bail at the Denver County jail. But you also may decide to use your phone call for an attorney, pleading to get you out. That’s not necessarily what a lawyer does, so he’ll say “Sit tight” and call a bondsman to do the rest.

A bail bondsman and attorney have a symbiotic relationship in many respects, needing each other for professional support. If you’re an attorney, what can a bondsman working with bail bonds in Aurora do for you? Here’s just a sample.

Roles of a Bail Bondsman

  • A successful, reputable and well liked bail bondsman can boost your professional standing, because any referrals you make are a reflection on your skills and professional judgment. If an attorney recommends a bail bondsman who can’t do the job, doesn’t know the ins and outs of bail bonds in Boulder, or does a crappy job, that’s a direct and poor reflection on your judgment. Any defendant will question your judgment and choose someone else.

  • An experienced bondsman can provide a number of extra services that you may not have the time or skills to handle: Being present for court appearances for bail and 1275 hearings, 24 hour emergency service like odd-hour phone calls, signature bonds that don’t require a signature, arranging payment plans for the defendant, and even providing transportation to and from home or other locations.

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Bail Bond Contracts

Responsibilities of a Bail Bond ContractWhen someone is arrested for a crime in Denver, he or she is usually escorted to a local sheriff’s station for booking prior to being remanded to the Denver city jail or county jail.  Once the defendant has been booked, there are a number of options to get released, but the most likely one is Denver Bail Bonds.

Keep in mind that even for bail bonds boulder, the process is basically the same. Someone pays bail on the defendant’s behalf, the defendant is released from jail, and the person who paid bond has certain responsibilities to be aware of. These are the same whether the bond has been paid by an individual, or a bail bondsman.

  • The number one responsibility of the person posting bail is to make sure the defendant returns to court on whatever date or dates have been scheduled. Unless there is some sort of a medical emergency, the scheduled court dates are usually not negotiable.

  • If the defendant doesn’t make his or her court date, the person who posted bail may have to take on other fees if a fugitive recovery agent is hired to track down and bring the defendant back to court.

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