Denver County Jail

Being incarcerated is never a pleasant experience. Whether you’re waiting for Denver bail bonds to go through and are locked up over night, or are in for a longer term at the Denver county jail, it’s an experience that most prisoners wish they could’ve avoided in the first place. How long a person spends in jail depends on different factors, such as the alleged crime and the defendant’s criminal history – if any – and other factors, but in most cases the judge presiding over the case will set bond.

Colorado Bail Bonds are a way a person is released from custody until court action takes place; if the person skips his or her court date, the bond is revoked (the person or bail bondsman who put up the money loses it), and an arrest warrant is issued. This is not a good situation to be in, as the judicial system takes a very dim view of bail jumpers. If resources are available, law enforcement will be dispatched to attempt to return the person to custody. In some cases, the bail bondsman may hire a professional bounty agent to attempt to find the defendant and return him or her to custody.

General Visitor Guidelines

If someone is in jail for a night or longer, there are strict requirements for visitors. The Denver County Jail and the Denver Sheriff’s Department have set the following visitor guidelines:

  • Generally speaking, visiting hours are seven days each week, between the hours of noon and 7 or 8 pm. Call 720-913-3791 for more information, as the hours may be different at certain facilities or during federal holidays.

  • People who smell of alcohol or appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs are prohibited from visiting prisoners.

  • Only 3 people are allowed per visit, and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • According to the Denver Sheriff Department, personal visits from one friend or family member of an inmate are encouraged up to two times per week.

  • Family visits for up to three friends or family members of inmates are also encouraged one time per week, as specified by Denver County Jail guidelines.

The Sheriff’s department also has specific clothing rules for visitors that must be abided by in all cases.
For females:

  • Slacks, pants or jeans must be full length, and shorts must be knee length.

  • A dress must come to the knees, with no slits past the knees.

  • Blouses, turtlenecks or sweaters must be of the “crew neck” variety only; see through clothing is strictly prohibited.

  • Shirts must have sleeves, without plunging necklines and must completely cover the upper bust area.

For male visitors:

  • Slacks, pants or jeans must be full length and shorts knee length.

  • Sweaters or turtlenecks must be of “crew neck” style only.

  • Shirts must have sleeves and completely cover chest area.

In all cases, certain clothing items are prohibited for all visitors, including: halter and tank tops, short skirts, swim suits, and bikinis. Shoes, boots, or full sandals must be worn at all times, as flip flops are not allowed.

Small photographs, no bigger than 5 x 7, are allowed, as are religious items (the Holy Bible, Koran and Talmud) but these items may have to be inspected first in front of the inmate with a supervisor present. If your bail bondsman Denver has negotiated release, all property and money that was confiscated at the time of booking can be picked up between 1 and 7 pm.
Other information is available by calling the following number: 720-913-3791