While every American adult is familiar with the concept of bail the actual details of the process are still something of a mystery. Few people for instance understand the difference between “bail” and “bond” and even fewer understand the important role the bail bondsman plays in enabling people to obtain a speedy release from custody. It’s no exaggeration to state that without the bail bondsman the entire system of American justice would grind to a halt. So just what is the process and what should you expect if you ever find yourself in need of an Adams County bail bonds agent? Below we’ll take a look.

What to Expect from an Adams County Bail Bonds Agent

What to Expect When Working with an Adams County Bail Bonds Agent

Few concepts are as widely known yet as poorly understood as the American system of bail. While it’s been discussed in countless TV shows and movies and every night the news brings us stories of people who have been “released on bail” few who have never been through the process themselves understand how it works. As such, should they ever find themselves in need of a bondsman they have no clue how to proceed and often wind up spending longer than they need to in custody. The following is an overview of the process that will hopefully clear up any misconceptions and answer any questions you may have:

  • The arrest - Regardless of the crime the entire process starts with a person being arrested. That person is then taken to jail where they are processed and put in a holding cell to await arraignment. In some cases jails have “bail schedules” posted so the accused can see immediately what it will cost to buy their release. Click Here for more information of what to expect when you are arrested
  • The arraignment - While there is no carved in stone law that states when Adams County officials must arraign a defendant it typically happens within 24 to 48 hours after the arrest. Although this could be longer if the person is arrested on, say, a Friday night. If arrested on federal charges the law stipulates the person must be arraigned within 48 hours, although this too may vary if a weekend or holiday is involved.
  • Bail is set - At the arraignment the court will either release the person on their own recognizance, deny bail or set bail and other conditions for their release. The person is then returned to police custody until bail is posted. If you are able to afford the entire bail amount you can arrange payment yourself and you will be released. But few people have enough cash lying about to pay the full bail amount out of pocket. As such they or a loved one enlist the services of an Adams County bondsman.
  • The indemnitor steps forward - Most people who have been arrested ask a family member or close friend to help gain their release. The friend or family member then contacts an Adams County bail bonds agent and agrees to pay the necessary bond fee. Once they sign the bail bond contract and pay the fee they become the indemnitor for the arrested person. That is, they assume responsibility for that person after they are released on bond. If the arrested person flees after being released bail is revoked and an arrest warrant issued. The indemnitor also becomes responsible for the entire bail amount and, if any costs are incurred by the bondsman in the process of tracking down the accused, those costs also become the responsibility of the indemnitor.
  • The Adams County Bail Bonds Company Posts Bail - Once the contract has been signed and the indemnitor has paid the fee the bondsman will post the bail bond with the court in a timely fashion so that the accused can be released as quickly as possible. In some cases where a person has been arrested in mid-week and the charges are not so serious they may be out within 24 hours. More likely however, it will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for the process to work itself out and the person be able to return to their Adams County home. Rest assured however, that the bail bondsman is doing everything in their power to end the incarceration sooner rather than later.

What to Expect After Release

Once the Adams County bondsman agent has secured the release of the accused the process does not stop there. The bondsman will make sure the accused is aware of all the conditions of their release and the implications of violating any of the conditions. The Adams County bail bonds agent will also remind the accused and the indemnitor of looming court dates so that there are no mistakes or oversights. If the accused believes they’ll be unable to attend court on the specified date for some legitimate reason such as illness they need to inform the Adams County bondsman as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made with the court to move the appearance date. Should the court determine the reason for not appearing is insufficient the accused will need to show up on the original date, no excuses. If they don’t their bail will be revoked and a warrant issued for their arrest.

Working with an Adams County bail bonds agent is not as complex or intimidating as it might seem. In fact the involvement of the bondsman will often have a calming effect on proceedings and enable the accused to return to their normal life quickly so that they can begin formulating a defense.