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Fighting Back, Robes and All

Judge in black robe pounding gavel

The debate about bail bonds reform across the United States is kind of like what’s going on with the Coronavirus. People need to pay attention because of potentially deadly consequences, take care of themselves and fellow man, and exercise caution. Without overreacting! Because not every preventive measure works as intended.

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Bail Reform – Common Sense Makes No Sense

Woman on park bench holding newspaper is confused by latest bail bonding news

The notion that bail bond laws are senseless just doesn’t make any sense. Judges and magistrates have leeway to begin with. It’s like trying to answer, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” and turning that into, “Do crimes make the courts, or do courts make the crime?”

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Bail Reform Continues to Make a Mockery of the Legal System

Defendant Paul Barbaritano of Albany, New York looking around courtroom at his January 2020 criminal hearing

As was the case in Adams County, Broomfield County, Weld County, Denver and throughout Colorado bail reform was sold to the people of New York State as a common-sense solution to the problem of harmless, innocent people being unable to make bail. The new laws would set things straight and ensure these 'victims' of the bondsman and the larger bail system would no longer be unjustly incarcerated.

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He’s Looking at Bail from Both Sides Now

New York State Mayor Bill de Blasio giving impassioned speech on bail bonding reform

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is having second thoughts about bail reform just one month after the state’s catch and release, no-bail law went into effect. The reasons why the mayor - formerly a staunch bail bonds reform advocate - is now instituting a political course correction is because exactly what opponents of the law said would happen has happened. Bail reform opponents warned politicians in New York that they were opening a Pandora’s box that could lead to a lawless state. Mayor de Blasio disagreed; until new statistics showed they were right. Now the mayor wants changes to bail reform.

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The No-Bail Chickens Come to Roost

New York politician gives speech against bail reform to fans of cash bail bonding

As New York politicians scramble to adjust their anti-bondsman stands to conform more closely with public sentiment the first chickens have come home to roost following the recent implementation of that state's so-called 'bail reform' law. Two incidents, in particular, have been garnering a fair amount of media attention and for good reason. They are perfect examples of exactly what prosecutors, law enforcement and the more enlightened legislators in Albany warned about. Let’s take a closer look at these events.

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Sucker Punch a Cop, Get Out of Jail Free!

Monopoly Board Jail Space and 'Get Out of Jail Free' Card

The brave new bail-free world was on full display recently in New York City. And if this is a sign of things to come we’re all in trouble. Actually, it’s not a sign of things to come. It’s a sign of things that are already here thanks to the efforts of the anti-bail bonds (and now-defunct) Arnold Foundation and their myriad enablers in Albany and elsewhere.

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