When a loved one has been arrested posting the full bail amount is often not an option. After all, 60 percent of Americans have less than $500 in cash available at any given time. So even if bail is set at a modest $1,000 it may be too much. That’s where the bail bonds agent comes in. For a modest fee the bail agent will post a bond for the full bail amount that will enable your loved one to walk free and resume a normal life while awaiting their day in court.

Busted Myths

Myths and Misunderstandings About the Bondsman

Bail agents provide a valuable service that has helped countless millions. But there are many misconceptions, myths and misunderstandings surrounding the work bail agents do and below we’ll address nine of the most common.

  1. Once you’ve posted bond you’re free of the bail - Not so. While the a bail agent doesn’t follow you around 24 hours a day they are at least partially responsible for your whereabouts and behavior and you are responsible to them because, after all, they put up the money to secure your release. Therefore, if you change your address or phone number or any of your other contact information you need to inform the agent. Also, there may be conditions written into the bail contract that you are legally bound to adhere to.
  2. Bail agents don’t care about you - A lot of people out on bond think the bail agent doesn’t care about them or any problems they might be having. This is nonsense. Bail agents provide a valuable community service and are genuinely committed to making sure the people they help have every opportunity to prove their innocence. Therefore if something potentially problematic comes up when a person is out on bond the bail agent should be the first person to call.
  3. Bondsmen are naive - Veteran bonding agents in Adams County, Broomfield County, Weld County and Denver have heard it all. So anyone who thinks they’re going to pull the wool over the bail agent’s eyes with a clever excuse for missing court or failing to check in as stipulated by the contract is only kidding themselves. Do yourself a favor and be straight with the people, like the bail agent, who can help you.
  4. They don’t understand your situation - You may have a buddy who was arrested a couple of times and is going to fill you in on how the system works. The fact is the bail agent has worked closely with hundreds of people from all walks of life facing all kinds of charges. They also have numerous connections in the justice system and are well-versed in how things get done. If you think your buddy is more qualified to advise you, well, good luck with that.
  5. Bail agents offer free legal advice - While bail agents are well-versed in the workings of the criminal justice system they are not your lawyer. And that is the only person qualified to give you legal advice regarding your case. If you feel you are not being well-served by your attorney you are free to find another. If you need help doing so many bail agents will be able to recommend one to you. But the agent should not be viewed as a source of legal advice.
  6. The bail agent will try to trick people out of their money - The person that signs the bond contract to secure their loved one’s release from jail is called the indemnitor. The idea that a professional bail bond agent would try and purposely fool the indemnitor into signing a contract that contains language intended to trick them out of their money is absurd. Bail agents who tried such stunts would not last a week before winding up in jail themselves.
  7. There’s no chance your bond will be revoked - A popular myth is that once a person has been bailed out they’re free to do just about anything they want. The fact is, if the bonding agent is unhappy with the fact that a defendant hasn’t been answering their phone calls or is convinced the defendant intends to jump bail, the agent can contact the court and revoke the bond. In which case the defendant is re-arrested and returned to custody.
  8. The bail bonding company has to help if you ask - Not true. The bail agent is free to accept or reject any clients they wish. Therefore, if you’ve been a problem for a bail agent in the past by not answering phone calls or being late to court appearances etc the agent is free to decline next time you ask for help.
  9. Bounty hunters are an urban legend - The myth that bounty hunters only exist on TV and in legends of the Old West is pretty popular. But it often doesn’t take long for someone who has jumped bail to find out just how real bounty hunters can be. The bounty hunter is contracted by the bail agent to find you and return you to custody if you skip bail. And the agent has a vested interest in doing so because you made their life more difficult and cost them money by fleeing.

Bail bond companies are here to help and you can help yourself by always being straight in your dealings with them. Contact Rapid Response Bail Bonds for more information or to secure a bond for yourself or your loved one.