The amount of bail that’s required in many cases is simply beyond the ability of most defendants and/or their loved ones to come up with of their own accord. And even though some lawmakers have been making noise of late about reforming the cash bond system any meaningful change is likely many years off. For now the best option facing people in need of assistance is the Thornton bail bonds agency. The Thornton bondsman can ensure the accused is able to get out of jail fast. As such they can continue on with their life with minimal disruption until they are due back in court to face the charges against them. Not everyone is familiar with the many benefits of using a bail bonds agent however, so below we have brought together five of those benefits for your consideration.

Thornton Bail Bonds

Benefits of Using a Thornton Bail Bonds Agent

The bail system in America is far from perfect but an experienced bail bondsman can help you make the most of it. Here are five reasons to consider using a bail bondsman.

  1. Experience with the system - One of the most disconcerting aspects of being arrested for most people is a lack of familiarity with how the American legal system works. Most have never spent time in jail or had to consider posting bail before and the whole process just adds to the stress and uncertainty. Your Thornton bail bondsman has been through it all before many hundreds of times. They spring right into action on your behalf and take control of the situation. They’ll tell you precisely what needs to be done and how to do it so you can gain release as quickly as is legally possible. Once they have gained your release they will also be able to provide invaluable information about how you should proceed and provide reminders for you about important upcoming dates related to your situation.
  2. You’ll be out fast - Those who decide to try and make bail on their own - especially those who have no experience with the bail system - often wind up spending longer than they need to in custody while they try and work things out. And sometimes after much work and waiting they wind up calling a Thornton bail bonds agent anyway. The faster, more efficient way to gain speedy release is to employ a bondsman right away. They know every step of the process and know exactly who to call to speed things along. As such there is a very good chance that, as long as you or your loved one has not been accused of a capital crime, that they could be released on bail within 24 hours of being taken into custody. Once out the accused can resume their normal life and build credibility with the court by adhering faithfully to all the conditions of their release.
  3. You won’t be overwhelmed with paperwork - Even in Thornton the criminal justice system is a paperwork generator with few equals. Every aspect of every case generates paperwork at every stage. If you are attempting to get yourself released one of the most intimidating aspects of the process will be dealing with and accounting for all the paperwork involved. Even tiny errors made when filling out forms can result in your release being delayed by hours, days or weeks. The Thornton bondsman is familiar with every piece of paperwork that needs to be dealt with and will never make the kind of mistakes or oversights that could delay your release. As a result you’ll get out as fast as possible so you can start working on your defense, instead of sitting in a cell wondering which piece of paperwork you forgot to sign.
  4. Your privacy will be ensured - Whether it’s right or wrong when a seemingly average person quickly comes up with all the cash necessary to post bail it gets the court’s attention. Where did they come up with all this cash? Was it obtained legally? If the court’s curiosity is sufficiently aroused they may order an investigation into your financial situation to ensure you did not come by the money through unlawful means. This may offend those who have worked long and hard and were able to put aside money from their work but it’s the way the system is. It’s long on suspicion and short on trust. Often the best way to keep the court from going through your finances with a fine toothed comb is to employ the services of a Thornton bail bonds agent.
  5. You’ll hold onto your hard earned money - Even if you have the means to post a $50,000 bail on your own you have to remember that the money will not be returned to you until some time after the trial. And that could take many months. Therefore it’s money you won’t have available to pay for your defense if you need it or to cover your living expenses if the situation has resulted in you losing your job. When you enlist the services of a Thornton bail bonds agent you’ll only have to pay a small percentage of the total bail amount so you’ll have far more of your money available to you should you need it for anything.

The Thornton bondsman is here to help. If you or a loved one has been arrested consider the above points before deciding whether to try and post bail yourself. In many cases the bondsman is the wiser choice. Because when you hire a bail bondsman you are getting all the following services including your freedom

What Services Does a Bail Bondsman Provide

24 hour bail bond servicesIf you’ve been arrested, looks like you could be arrested, or know a close relative, friend, or associate who may be arrested, then it’s time to consider how Adams County Bail Bonds work and whether a professional bail bondsman Denver may be able to get you or a loved one out of the slammer. Let’s face it, not everyone knows what bail is (think of it as is the amount the accused or someone on his or her behalf pays to get the person out of jail, or a form of insurance for the judicial system to make sure a defendant show up for scheduled court appearances) or how a bail bondsman works (an individual or company who posts bail for a defendant in return for a fee), so it’s time to learn.

General Bail Bondsman Services

For a defendant in the Denver city jail or any other detention center in Colorado, the best option may be to hire a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman or company provides many services to someone who’s been arrested:

  • 24 hour or emergency bail bonds. Most professional bail bondsman have staff who work around the clock, or employ an answering service that can take down information and have a bail bondsman respond promptly.

  • Easy payment plans, which allow the defendant or someone else to pay for the bail bond amount in installments. As a word of caution, it’s advisable to ask up front about interest rate and fees, and get everything in writing.

  • Works with a defendant without requiring collateral. In some cases, collateral is personal or other property that is put up to secure the bail and ensure the defendant appears in court. If the defendant flees, any collateral put up is lost. More and more professional bail bonds companies have begun working with collateral.
  • When it comes to Colorado Bail Bonds, most bail bondsmen or companies will work with any jail or court in the state.

  • Multi-language services. An immigration bondsman Denver has years of experience working with defendants who don’t speak English and has staff that speaks different languages, or works with third-party translation services as necessary.

  • Private investigative services. A bail bondsman may have a private investigator on staff to provide surveillance services, or collect and analyze information that may be useful to clients. Providing as much information up front to a bail bondsman will help determine whether their investigative services are necessary.

  • In setting a bail amount, a judge or magistrate could decide the defendant needs electronic tethering. This would allow the defendant to go to work, school, counseling, or other appointments required by the court. Professional bail bond companies sometimes provide electronic monitoring services (radio frequency, global positioning system, transdermal alcohol monitoring, breathalyzer monitor, ignition interlock).

  • A bail bonds company also may work with a fugitive recovery agent (sometimes referred to erroneously as a “bounty hunter”), whose job is to make certain a defendant out on bail or awaiting trial doesn’t jump bail or flee. The job description also could be to make sure the person out on bail pays the bond and fees in full, tracking down a defendant who has fled, and arresting the accused if necessary and returning the person to custody.

Finally, if a defendant is thinking about hiring a professional bail bonds company, it’s also important to understand what the company can’t do. A bail bondsman is not like a children’s board game and can’t give out a “get out of jail card” or other guarantees. A bail bondsman isn’t a lawyer and can’t give legal advice to defendants.